The Asokan Lab is focused on building innovative technology platforms for gene therapy, gene regulation and gene editing. Our two-pronged, cross-disciplinary approach hinges at the interface of biochemistry, virology and genetics. One arm utilizes structural biology, protein engineering and directed evolution to generate viral vectors with novel function(s) to treat genetic disease. The other arm is focused on engineering RNA to regulate gene expression. In the past decade, we have made significant contributions towards dissecting and manipulating the structure-function correlates of virus-receptor interactions. This approach has yielded several gene therapy platforms being evaluated in preclinical and clinical studies to treat genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy, cardiac failure and neuropathies. In parallel, we have embarked on developing new tools to control mRNA stability and translation with the ultimate goal of achieving precise spatiotemporal control of gene expression. Our overall mission is to engineer innovative technology platforms that enable transformative, new medicines.